Surprises in the Southern Eagles - Joshua Tree National Park photos

bighorn sheepI have a theory. You know how sometimes you've turned the house upside down looking for something and it never turns up? Then, later, when you're looking for something totally unrelated, you discover that first item that's been nagging at you for ages! Sometimes this same mechanism, let's call it the "surprise factor," seems to play itself out on desert hikes. Take today for example. Since Niki's taking a group of hikers for an outing this weekend, I've decided to return to an area where we've found evidence of Indian use in the form of pottery fragments, petroglyphs and pictographs. However, try as we might, we never found any habitation sites. Today, though, my mind's not on Indian sites, but rather the plan is to head into a remote corner of the southern Eagle Mountains to try to make it up a wash to some isolated prospects. I've got topos showing me the way along with GPS waypoints. I just know that I'm going to make it up there. However, the one thing I seemed to forget is the "surprise" factor!" Wanna tag along and see what I'm talking about? Click on the photo link below to join me. A word of warning, though, be ready for the unexpected!


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