Turtles for Thanksgivingphotos

cabinWe know how you think! You had a picture of us sitting around a campfire roasting turtles, didn't you! No turtles were harmed and no carnivory took place this Thanksgiving. However, we certainly did have a feast, but it was a feast of contorted rock formations, lush cholla and barrel cacti, beautiful sunrise and sunset colors, historic cabins, traces of old mines and mills, poignant isolated grave sites and copious rock collecting locales. Yes, the Turtle Mountains far exceeded our expectations.

Would you believe, though, that we almost scrubbed the trip? That's right, just the day before we sunriseleft, a significant storm brought cold temperatures, wind and heavy rain to the Mojave desert. We wondered whether the washes would even be passable. Fortunately, they were and we had the honor of being the first vehicles to cross the imposing expanse of Chemehuevi Wash and lay down the first tire tracks. We were joined by Mohave Blake for this weekend of exploring but we were thinking of you, too, and knew that you'd want to see for yourself what's out here. So, if you're up for it, grab a warm jacket and maybe bring a little virtual firewood for the campfire. Just click on the photo link below whenever you're ready to do some exploring and we'll yank you free of charge right through those cyber wormholes and deposit you smack dab at the entrance to the Turtle Mountains!


Photos - Day 1

Photos - Day 2