Back in Black photos

petroglyphGuy Starbuck suggested that since we've been back to Black Canyon so many times we should change our name from The Dzrtgrls to The Queens of Barstow. Heheheh. The lure of Black Canyon is indeed strong and it makes a great day trip for us when we can't get out for the whole weekend. That's the case today. We've decided to start our explorations with a couple of petroglyph sites that are a bit more remote from those in the canyon itself. After that we'll work our way north up the canyon as we visit a few of the many sites in the main canyon and its tributaries. A bit of rockhounding, a look at two historical structures and a hunt for a couple of 1874 historic inscriptions will round out a full day. If you like scrambling up hillsides and basking in the aura of the remote past, then you should join us today. The scenery in the canyon is spectacular and the solitude almost complete. Just click on the photo link below and we'll push some of the gear aside so you'll have room in the virtual back seat. All you'll need to bring is curiosity and enthusiasm!


Click here for photos.