DVNP: Headin' to Harrisburg photos

AguereberryIn July of 1905, Shorty Harris and Pete Aguereberry struck it rich on a low hill that rose from what later became known as Harrisburg Flat. The lure of this historic area, and the fact that May is a delightful month to explore the higher elevations of the Panamint Mountains, was all it took for the Dzrtgrls to load up the truck and head for the high country. Our pre-dawn start got us through the desert before the heat set in and we're now basking in delightful weather as the Lizardmobile happily frolics up the Emigrant Canyon grade. If you're not familiar with this part of Death Valley, then this trip will give you an idea of what this spot has to offer. We should be arriving at our turnoff toward the old camp at Harrisburg soon. Our plan is to explore Pete Aguereberry's scenic camp, check out the Eureka Mine tunnel and the Cashier Mill, hike across the flat to the seldom visited Napoleon Mine, explore a historic artifact scatter, drive out to Aguereberry Point with its view of the Badwater Basin 6,000 feet below and then head to a secluded backcountry camp for a tasty stir fry and biscuits and a night under the stars. Doesn't that sound like a great day! Hitch up the mules, we're headin' to Death Valley!


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