Belle Reat Mine and Petroglyphs at "The Squeeze" - Mojave National Preserve photos

cloudy viewWho can pass up taking advantage of a rare cold front passing through the desert in June? Unfortunately, Niki's going to miss this opportunity due to a prior commitment to lead a hike for Girls Gone Active, so this trip will be a solo affair by Dzrtgrl Jamie. If you'd like to join her for a virtual adventure, we'll begin by paying a visit to an early 1900's gold mine named the Belle Reat, which is hiding in the hills off a long, sandy canyon in the Old Dad Mountains. Research attempts haven't turned up much, so going there seems like the only way to find out what remains at the site. After exploring the mine, if you're still up for a bit more cyber exploring, we’ll set off on a cross country hike to try to find a very remote little petroglyph location that few have seen. Sounds like a pretty good day, doesn't it? Stash some snacks and a bottle of water by your mouse and get clicking on the photo link below to begin today's adventure!


Click here for photos.