Hidden Cave and Queen Mountain Pictograph Boulder - Joshua Tree National Park photos

Dave in the caveWe're excited! Who wouldn't be? After all, we think that we've finally found solid clues that will lead us to two rock art sites in Joshua Tree National Park that have eluded us for years. If the first site is where we think it is, we're going to feel awfully foolish because it's one of those "hidden in plain sight" spots. This location, which we'll call Hidden Cave, has tantalized us ever since we saw photos of the interior of this cave revealing a profusion of densely packed red pictographs. Due to its rather public placement, we've gotten a really early start today and will check it out first, just at dawn, so that we won't attract any unwanted attention.

The second spot on our list today is in such a remote location that we won't have to worry about tipping anyone off to where it's at. This time we'll be hunting for the Queen Mountain Pictograph Boulder. We've only read fragmentary comments regarding this site and, up until now, realized that we stood very little chance of finding it since our only clue had been that it was at the base of Queen Mountain. Queen Mountain, after all, covers a huge area and the chances of stumbling on this particular boulder would be astronomical. However, another clue, this time in an unlikely publication, has given us enough information to narrow our search window considerably.

So, joined by our regular rock art hunting buddy, Dave, we've made a pre-dawn entry into the park and are just now ready, with fingers crossed, to see if we can find the first site, the Hidden Cave! Wanna tag along? Since you'll be joining us for the virtual trip, you won't even have to pay the park entrance fee! Click on the photo link below to get yanked into an early morning adventure on a beautiful, crisp desert morning!


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