Bridge to Nowhere Bungee - Angeles National Forest photos

Bridge to NowhereIn the early 1930's, the residents of the San Gabriel Valley concocted an ambitious plan to build a road through the rugged San Gabriel Mountains to the resort city of Wrightwood. The road would generally follow the East Fork of the San Gabriel River and would necessitate much blasting and bridge building. One of these bridges, an elegant truss arch design that would stand 120 feet above the deep gorge of the tumultuous river below, was completed in 1936. The road building project progressed on schedule until the Great Flood of 1938. Torrential downpours turned the river into a raging mass of water, boulders and timbers that made short work of the years of labor that had been put into the project. All that remained of the road building were a few bits of pavement, some bridge piers and the lofty truss arch bridge. In fact, the bridge is still standing to this day in the remote Sheep Mountain Wilderness where wandering herds of bighorns probably have a good laugh over the folly of mankind.

Joyce bungee jumpingObviously, this Bridge to Nowhere is like a siren call to hikers who think nothing of braving the rugged 9 mile round trip along sketchy trails and through numerous river crossings to behold this scenic wonder from the past. But these days there are not only scenic and nostalgic reasons for a visit. The bridge is now also a unique launch platform for bungee jumps that plummet into the depths of the gorge below before yanking the jumpers back skyward toward the graceful span above.

If you'd like to experience a virtual trip to The Bridge to Nowhere and watch brave souls heave themselves into space, this is the trip for you. The Dzrtgrls, joined by Niki's mom, sister and best friend have all driven to the trailhead and will be joining a group of Bungee America jumpers for the trek to the bridge. Jamie and Niki's mom, Jenny, will act as photographers/cheering section, while Niki, her sister, Joyce and best friend, Edna will defy gravity and put their trust into the long, springy bungee cord. Let's get moving! A click on the photo link is all that's needed to join us for this scenic and breathtaking adventure.


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