Silurian Hills Ramble and the Eastern Star Minephotos

truckWith the sizzling summer heat finally a thing of the past, Mohave Blake, Le and Avy Hayes and Dzrtgrl Jamie have decided to join forces for a ramble around the scenic and historic Silurian Hills area north of Baker. (Dzrtgrl Niki has come down with the flu at the last minute and will have to sit this one out.) We hope to visit several interesting locations, including the remains of a historic four-way aircraft beacon near Silver Lake; Riggs siding on the old Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad; two desert cabins; several abandoned old trucks; the site of Renoville; the site of Valjean, which is also adjacent to the T & T roadbed; and finally, the site of the Eastern Star mine with its old mill and nearby cabin. If more time is needed to fully explore the Eastern Star mine, Jamie will camp there for the night and finish up the next day.

If you've never been to the Silurian Hills, then this trip will introduce you to a few of the delights that can be found in the vicinity. The weather should be beautiful and a simple click on the photo link below will whisk you right out of your chair and plop you down at the edge of Silver Lake, ready to join our group for a day of exploring!


Photos - Day 1

Photos - Day 2