Blair Townsite to White Mountain Cityphotos

stamp mill foundationsIf you like your ghost towns to be standing, then Blair isn't for you! Only a few skeletal remains are still vertical. However, at one time Blair was a bustling mining town that reverberated day and night to the constant heartbeat of the massive 120 stamp mill on the hillside above. Located just north of the historic town of Silver Peak and at the terminus of the Silver Peak Railroad, Blair was the hub of activity centered around the Drinkwater and Mary Mines in 1906. By 1910 the population had risen to almost 2,000 and the town boasted a church, grammar and high schools, drug stores, hotels, a bank, a newspaper, numerous saloons and many other businesses. By 1915 the ore bodies had been exhausted and the inhabitants began to drift away. Today only a few lizards call it home. Our plan this morning is to prowl the ruins and trash scatters to see what remnants from old Blair still exist. Hopefully we'll turn up some embossed cans and lids that will bring the past back to life.

hot springFrom Blair, our plan is to once again traverse the Silver Peak Range, this time via scenic Coyote Canyon. Once back in Fish Lake Valley, we'll check out the Fish Lake Hot Well before heading to White Mountain City where we'll camp and explore the extensive 1860's stone ruins of this historic old site.

So, are you up for a day of virtual exploring? If so, grab your mouse, some water and a broad brimmed hat 'cause it's going to be hot today! When you've got your gear together, just click on the photo link below to start!


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