The Red Rock Mine, Fish Lake Valley and the Blanco Mine photos

Red Rock MineExploring new areas is addictive. It's only the third day of our August mini-trip and already we've fallen in love with this part of Nevada. We have a lot of ground to cover today and the Lizardmobile is already picking its way into the pine scented foothills of the eastern White Mountains. We're headed for our first stop, the Red Rock Mine. This mercury mine was established in 1927 and operated until 1957. We've heard that much of the old mining camp is still standing and is quite scenic. From the Red Rock we'll head across Fish Lake Valley toward Emigrant Pass in the Silver Peak Mountains. Fish Lake Valley has a lot of history. It was the site of several Indian camps, home to one of Nevada's first Borax booms, and the site of a military encampment from Camp Independence that housed soldiers sent to protect the early homesteaders who were moving into the valley in the 1860's. Finally, the old Emigrant Trail will be our colorful pathway to the Big Smoky Valley east of the Silver Peak Range where we'll explore the Blanco Mine and set wild horsesup camp for the evening. That's the plan, anyway! If you want to join us, you'd better grab some grub from the 'fridge to munch on 'cause it's going to be a long day of virtual exploring! Be sure your mouse is in good working order and settle into that armchair. We're headin' out!




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