Born Again and Beyond - Joshua Tree National Parkphotos

brunette lady pictographOriginally, we weren't going to post this trip. After all, we're trying hard to keep up the fantasy that we always reach our goal. Heheheh. That notion is quite far from the truth and illustrated by the fact that we spent the whole day hunting for the rumored "Handprint Cave," only to come up empty. All we got for our efforts were punctures from cholla, prickly pear, agave and some really neat gashes from cat-claw acacia. We also got tired and did some falling. Not one of our finest moments. What finally swayed us to post a few photos of our efforts was the fact that the scenery was absolutely stunning. We initially headed out toward the "Born Again" site and then slogged our way up into a deliciously remote little valley. We're joined for this trip by our hiking buddy Dave and believe us, we all shared in the pain and dripped a little blood along the way! So, as long as you don't have high expectations about actually finding anything and don't mind a return visit to the "Born Again" site, then we think you might enjoy this outing just for the great scenery. If you'd like to join us, wriggle into that Kevlar hiking gear and click on the photo link below!


Click here for photos.