Where the Bears Are - San Bernardino National Forestphotos

bears taken with Reconyx PC90This isn't so much a trip report as it's a way to introduce a new bit of gear, a Reconyx PC90 Covert Pro wildlife camera, which promises to get a lot of use on our future outings. So what you'll see, if you click on the photo link below, are a few pics from a hike that we did along the aqueduct trail near Forest Falls in the San Bernardino Mountains. When we had hiked this trail in the past, we were amazed by the amount of bear scat that we saw along it, making it the perfect area to test out the camera. The hike started out easy and then ran into some seriously eroded sections that forced us to turn around. On the way back, we picked a poop-covered area and set the camera up in a tree that had a good view of "Poop Hollow." We planned to return in a couple of days to retrieve the camera and see what it captured. Are you curious? We thought so! Not to spoil your fun, but we wouldn't want to be hiking that trail after dark!


Click here for photos.