Counsel Rocks Archaeological Site - Mojave National Preservephotos

Womb Rock - Mojave National PreserveAt the base of Wild Horse Mesa in the Mojave National Preserve lies a jumble of boulders that have been sculpted by the elements into interesting shapes. The prehistoric people of the area found that these particular boulders also had some rather remarkable aspects to them and this site became an important ceremonial location. Finding and exploring this spot is our main goal today. We’ll be joined again by Guy Starbuck who we camped with last night after our exploration of the Woods Wash Petroglyphs. We think we have a pretty good idea where the site is located so we break camp early this morning and head toward Wild Horse Mesa to try our luck. We’d love to have you join us for the cyber version of our trip today and all you have to do is grab that mouse and get busy clicking! We don’t think that you’ll be disappointed because Counsel Rocks is a pretty amazing spot!

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