Woods Wash Petroglyphs - Mojave National Preservephotos

digitate anthropomorph pictographWoods Wash, one of the major north/south drainages in the Mojave National Preserve, wasn’t always the quiet, seldom visited place that it is today. In fact, the huge volume of rock art, mostly in the form of petroglyphs, clearly shows just what a significant, bustling spot this must have been in prehistoric times. The Dzrtgrls, along with fellow desert prowler Guy Starbuck, are here today to wander through this forgotten gallery of ceremonial images. Through photography, we hope to capture not only the images themselves but also the more intangible “feel” of this site. Even though we’re starting our hike in the early morning, we know that covering the vast area spreading out before us will take until well into the late afternoon. If petroglyphs are your thing, and you’ve got some time to spend in front of your monitor, then grab that mouse and get to clicking because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover! Hopefully, along the way, we’ll see some great rock art and make a few unexpected discoveries!

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