JTNP: The Coyote and Snow Cloud Mines photos

Snow Cloud mineIn 1892, a small quartz deposit was discovered in the Cottonwood Mountains and named the Coyote Mine. Records show that in 1933 the mine was being worked by a family who lived in the old Iron Chief pump house at Cottonwood Springs. With the construction of a five stamp mill in Cottonwood Wash by Chester Moorten and Edith Hopper, the ore from the Coyote and several other claims was conveniently crushed by the mill's 200 pound stamps. Both the mine and the mill ceased operation in the late 1930's. Once we read that information we decided that we wanted to find the Coyote Mine and see what was left of it. After all, there could be some interesting historic trash there!

Since we're already going to be in the Cottonwood Mountains, we also decide to explore the Pinkham Canyon Trail and check out another 1930's era mine along the way. This other mine is the Snow Cloud Mine. It was first located in 1934 and development by the late 1930's consisted of a 60' deep inclined shaft and several adits. Bill Keys, of Death Valley and Joshua Tree fame, is supposed to have worked this mine. Mohave Blake was itching to get out to the desert so we decide to join forces for this relaxed day trip. If you're not too busy, we'd love to have you come along too! Just click on the photo link below and you'll be yanked through cyber space and dumped out near Chiriaco Summit ready to hit the road!


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