MNP: The Silver Lode Mine photos

rocksWe've always wanted to spend more time in the Granite Mountains, which are part of the sprawling Mojave National Preserve, and since work schedules make it possible to free up a three day weekend, we decide to load up the truck and head out! The weather forecast is calling for a cold front moving through the area with extremely high winds but you know how it is when you've got your mind set on doing something! We'll keep our fingers crossed.

The Granite Mountains are quite striking. Their eighty-five square miles of granite boulders and towering spires create a myriad of photogenic shapes that rise from 2,000 feet to almost 7,000 feet. Such a lofty elevation and the presence of numerous springs creates a variety of niches for animal and vegetable food sources that made it possible for prehistoric people to establish consistent habitation sites here. Today, though, we're going to check out an old silver mine. We'll save the hunt for pictographs and habitation sites for tomorrow and Monday. The mine we're heading for is the Silver Lode. As you might expect from its name, it was primarily a silver producer but reports show that the ore also contained traces of copper, lead and zinc. It's located up in the hills on the south side of Cottonwood Wash, the major drainage on the east side of the mountains. Other than those facts, we have no idea what we'll find! It's a beautiful morning with light breezes so we're hoping that the forecast is overly pessimistic. Are you up for a bit of exploring? We thought so! Come on, then, cinch up that day pack and let's get going! Just a click of your mouse on the photo link below will bring you right to the trailhead!


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