Cruisin' the Clipper Mountainsphotos

Clipper Mountain and XterraYears ago, as we were exploring the Ship Mountains, we looked longingly to the north, across Historic Route 66, to the Clipper Mountains. Their stately peaks seem to have inspired a comparison with the square rigged Clipper ships which made fortunes for their owners as they plied the watery route around Cape Horn. The mysterious and colorful hills that form the southern flanks of the Clippers sure looked like they’d make for an interesting trip and we kept this idea alive in our “To Do” file.

Finally, we’re back here again and ready to lay a course to several spots in the Clippers which look like they might still hold, in their remote and rocky folds, some tangible evidence of the old mines such as the Tom Reed, the Clipper Mountain and the Gold Reef. These mines were first discovered around 1913 and turned into steady producers until their demise in the early 1920’s. So, if we can find them, and if there are any remains from the mining years, we might get an interesting glimpse into the past. Really, though, we have no idea what lies ahead...which is just how we like it! If you’re feeling adventurous too and would like to see just what’s hidden away in the Clipper Mountains, then reef your topsails and shiver your timbers ‘cause we’re almost there! Grab that mouse and get to clicking on the photo links below!