Return to Clark Mountain - Mojave National Preservephotos

Colosseum gold mineOn our first visit to Clark Mountain, we knew that wed have to return because wed barely scratched the surface. So, here we are again, headed back for a sequel! This time we want to get a look at the massive flooded open pit of the old Colosseum gold mine. Along the way were hoping to find a couple of prehistoric agave roasting pits and a 1920-1930s mine camp. After the Colosseum, well head up Curtis Canyon to look for a cabin and mine remains reported to be in the area. Finally, well need to do some driving to relocate to the site that we want to explore tomorrow. Well be scouting for a good campsite thats near what we hope will be another group of 1870-1890s silver mines similar to the ones we explored last time. We know that the scenery will be spectacular and were hoping that the weather will cooperate. If youd like to join us for the cyber version of our ramble, youd better gas up the recliner and grab some blankets. Weve got a lot of ground to cover and its gonna be cold at night! To get started, click on the Part 1 photo link below!