Exploring "Chinese Canyon" - Mojave National Preservephotos

corral ruins"What the heck is that?" blurts Niki as a low slung burly animal waddles across the road in front of us. We hurriedly let Mohave Blake, somewhere back in our dust plume, know that we've stopped due to an animal sighting. We've been driving since well before dawn and during five hours behind the wheel we've lost quite a few brain cells, so instead of grabbing a camera we just stare at the equally startled critter. Finally, as it regains its composure and starts off again at a speedy waddle, Niki grabs her camera and tries to chase it down. Niki's fast, but the critter ditches her. When she returns, we both almost speak at the same time, "Didn't that look like a badger?" Any trip that starts with a possible badger sighting is bound to be a good one!

Shortly after the badger incident, we turn off on a quickly deteriorating two track that winds up into a canyon where an old time rancher buddy of Mohave's recalled seeing some "Chinese" artifacts. He said that many years ago he had found broken bowls and such at an old camp. Hunting for stuff is fun, and this sounds like a good enough reason to be jouncing along in four low. As an added attraction, we've also noted that there's an old mine up in the canyon, too. It's a beautiful morning and the serrated ridges of the higher peaks are still mottled with snow patches.

Soon, we realize that we can walk faster than we're driving and look for a spot where we can get the trucks off the road and switch to our day packs and hiking sticks. It'll be nice to stretch our legs and breath some fresh air. If you're in the mood for a bit of adventure, why don't you join us? Who knows what the heck we'll find! One thing that you've probably figured out already is that "Chinese Canyon" isn't the real name of this spot and since we've changed it, there must be some pretty interesting things up there! Just click on the photo link below to join us for a day of beautiful scenery and unexpected discoveries.

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