Pictograph Hunt in the Granite Mountains - Mojave National Preservephotos

Jamie with buff on faceThe Desert Girls, always gluttons for punishment, are once again headed back to the spiky Granite Mountains to hunt for pictographs. If you joined us on our "Exploring the Southern Granite Mountains" trip, you'll remember that on that outing we only managed to find two sites in two days. Still, the area was travel-brochure beautiful and we nonetheless had a great time. This weekend, we just 'know' that our karma is topped up and that this time we'll hit the jackpot. Come to think of it, that sounds a lot like the same mindset that a Vegas bound gambler would have and we all know how well they usually do!

The weather forecast for the area also seems decidedly pessimistic with cool temperatures and very strong winds in the offing. Relying on our karmic bubble of good cheer to handle the winds, we've finally rolled the Desert Canary toward the slopes of the Granites and, amidst buffets and shrieks of wind, realize that we're in for an interesting day. Heck, in the truck, with the windows up and the heat on, it's not bad at all! Finally, the sandy two track comes to an end and we open the doors to a frigid blast from the howling gale. Hey, wanna join us today? It's bound to be an eventful trip, hopefully full of rock art and maybe even some desert hurricane survival tips! Heheheh Layer up and grab your mouse; we're headin' out! To get started, just click on the photo link below before your fingers freeze!


Photos - Day 1

Photos - Day 2