Exploring Pack Trail Canyon - Mojave National Preserve photos

window viewYep, you guessed it. That's not its real name, or at least we don't think so! It could be, though, since there's a trail, once a road, that snakes its way ever higher toward a saddle in the upper reaches of the canyon. Since this spot is tucked away in a wilderness area of the Mojave National Preserve, it doesn't get much visitation and our pre-trip research didn't turn up anything significant pertaining to it. However, our curiosity has once again gotten the best of us and we're determined to check it out. It looks, though, like Dzrtgal Jamie will be doing this trip solo since Niki's last gym workout has left her bent over like an inverted "L." So, if you want to join Jamie on her exploration of Pack Trail Canyon, all you need is a sense of adventure and a strong index finger. After all, once you click on the photo link below, you've got a lot of back country mouse clicking to do if you're going to make it up to the end of the canyon! Let's get going, we're burning daylight!


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