Petite Bovine Anus Mountain - Mojave National Preserve photos

cabinWell, maybe we did mess around with the name just a bit, but even the real name of the mountain is pretty silly! Nonetheless, it's going to be our focus today. We hope to find nestled in its upper reaches an old cabin and a mine. All we know about the mine is that it's a 1930-ish copper mine whose ore also contains lead and gold. Its name is the El Lobo and it's supposed to be perched on a small ledge high above the cabin. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Joining us today will be Mohave Blake, who we camped with last night near the Oro Fino cabins, and Avy and Le Hayes, who will be driving down to meet us this morning while we make the short hike up to the old Brannigan Mine tunnel. You can join us for the day, too, by just clicking on the photo link below. After all, who would want to miss a day of exploring in the Petite Bovine Anus Mountain region!


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