Old Mines in the Old Dad Mountains - Mojave National Preserve photos

viewWe're sure that before they were called the Old Dad Mountains they had been called something a lot less flattering. After all, their north/south orientation meant that they were a pain in the ass for the east/west ramblings of both prehistoric and historic folks alike. Getting around them meant either a journey to the north to round what's become known as 17 Mile Point or a southerly detour through rugged Jackass Canyon. Finally, though, in the late 1800's, these hills became everybody's best friend when the first miners bellowed out "Eureka!" or something to that general effect. That's right, this nasty road block had, by virtue of its veins of gold and silver, finally gotten some love.

Our goal today is to take a look at what remains from those early mining efforts at the Paymaster, Brannigan and Oro Fino Mines. We're joined by Mohave Blake and Le Hayes. Le is the author of Pilgrims in the Desert: Early History of the East Mojave Desert and the Baker, California Area. The weather this morning is cool, windy and wet. The forecast, though, offers hope of clearing skies by mid-morning so our spirits aren't dampened, so to speak. Heheheh. If you like expansive desert vistas, old mining ruins and crumbling tunnels, then scoot up closer to your computer 'cause this is a great way to get your fix as well as check out a seldom visited region of the Mojave National Preserve. Grab a garbage bag to keep the rain off you and your mouse and get started by clicking on the photo links below!


Photos - Part 1

Photos - Part 2