Hike to the Eagle Cliff Mine - Joshua Tree National Park photos

exterior of cabinThe Eagle Cliff Mine makes an interesting day hike destination if you're ever in Joshua Tree National Park. Due to the moderately rugged approach, you probably won't be seeing too many tourists here. What you will see are some scenic rocky peaks and boulder piles, plenty of vegetation and a most amazing miners' cabin built into a rock shelter at the edge of what seems to be the only flat spot for miles around. This rock shelter cabin and the nearby inclined mine shaft are remnants from an early mining venture in what was the McHaney Mining District. The location date on the mining claim papers is 1895 so this is indeed one of the older mines in the area. Patty Furbush's On Foot in Joshua Tree National Park describes the Eagle Cliff Mine area well and presents two possible routes up to the site. However, since we're joining David and Cindy again, we can relax and let David, who has been up to the mine before, blaze the trail.

interior of cabinAfter a short drive, we've arrived at the Split Rock Picnic Area, which will be the starting point for our hike. This route is shorter but slightly harder than starting from the Desert Queen Mine. It's another beautiful day and we can hardly wait to get going! Whether you're thinking of doing this hike yourself or are simply looking for an interesting virtual adventure, you'll be glad that you clicked on the photo link below and joined us for this trip!


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