Pictograph Sites and Garrett's Arch - Joshua Tree National Park photos

Dave & CindyAlthough we've done a few trips to Joshua Tree National Park, our knowledge pales in comparison to that of our friend David. He's spent many years prowling the park and has made numerous significant discoveries. When he asked us if we'd like to join him and his girlfriend Cindy to check out a couple of pictograph sites and Garrett's Arch, we couldn't say "Yes" fast enough!

The plan is to spend the morning doing some easy hikes to three different sites. The first is a large rock shelter that's situated high above a canyon floor. This picturesque shelter contains numerous multi-colored pictographs and a few petroglyphs. The second stop will be another secluded rock shelter and some very striking red pictographs that archaeologists feel form a summer solstice marker. The last site of the morning is the famous Red Lady pictograph, which is found low on the sheltered wall of a boulder and is part of a solstice marker and fertility site. We're going to be joined on these morning hikes by Matt , David's friend, and by Matt's 's daughter, Kirsten. solstice pictograph site

In the afternoon, it's off with David and Cindy through the maze of the Wonderland of Rocks to a remarkable hollowed out boulder and then on to Garrett's Arch. This arch, the largest in the park, was first located by back country ranger Gary Garrett. If you're familiar with the Wonderland of Rocks, then you'll understand why we're overjoyed that David will be doing the route finding. This is one seriously difficult spot to navigate!

The wildflowers are blooming, the sky's a brilliant blue and a day of adventure awaits! There's nothing like some cyber exploring to put a smile on your face, so get to clicking on the photo link below and join us!


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