The Hunt for the "Lost" Cabin photos

We had spent all day yesterday getting here to our base camp south of Lost Lake. (See Owlshead Mountains: Owl Hole Spring to Lost Lake.) This morning we're up at sunrise and gearing up for an all day hike to try to rediscover the "lost" cabin that is reputed to be hiding somewhere in the vicinity. We had run across rumors about it for some time, but nobody seemed to know its exact location. We had some ideas, and today we'll put them to the test. It's a beautiful morning for a hike. If you come along you'll share our moments of discovery as we find yet another dry lake that's full of water; one of the historic mines of the area, the Burro Lake Prospect, a gold, silver and copper producer; and finally, the jackpot, nestled next to a small spring is the elusive cabin. You'll need your GPS, three liters of water, some high energy snacks, and a spirit of adventure. Of course you can always join us via the cyber version and save all that huffing and puffing by clicking on the photo link below!

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