Owlshead Mountains: Owl Hole Springs
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burrosSometimes getting there is as enjoyable as the destination. That is certainly true today. We're headed toward southern Death Valley in an attempt to rediscover a "lost" cabin that supposedly lies hidden in the remote Owlshead Mountains area. Today we'll travel to Lost Lake to set up camp for our exploration hike tomorrow. Along the way we'll explore Owl Head Spring, a true oasis in the desert, skirt the northern edge of Fort Irwin, and then climb through a scenic canyon to pass by Owl Lake and the beautifully remote basin that eventually leads to Lost Lake. It does seem like a lot of stuff gets lost out here. If you head out that way you'll see why. This area is seldom visited. Wild burros stared at us as if to ask if we were out of our minds. Due to recent storms that had pounded the desert, what should have just been a long day of dirt road driving turned into a really long day of four wheeling. But there was a silver lining to this. All the rain had filled up the normally dry Owl Lake and Lost Lake! If you'd like to join us without gassing up the Jeep and packing the camping gear, then click away with that mouse on the photo link below. Of course you'll want to stick around for the next two trips: The Hunt for the "Lost" Cabin and Sagenite Canyon in the Owlsheads.

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