A Long Day in the Old Woman Mountainsphotos

cabin"Look, you can see it now!" Reports Niki.

She's right. Up on a flat overlooking the wash that we're hiking in is the telltale flash of sunlight off a metal roof. That's the cabin we're looking for. Its perch must provide it with sweeping vistas of the wilderness area through which we've been steadily hiking this morning. We can't wait to get up there, so after this short break it's back to work again!

This hike actually began last spring. We'd been examining topo maps and satellite images of the Old Woman Mountains and came to the conclusion that there just might be a cabin tucked away in this remote location. Our guess was verified as fact when we asked the "Dean of the Old Woman Mountains," Joe DeKehoe, if he had any knowledge of it. Joe not only affirmed our guess, but he had also ore binbeen there and went on to relate that it was one of his favorite cabins! We assured him that we'd keep its location secret and made plans to visit it soon. That "soon" ran afoul of summer and its prohibitively high desert temperatures as well as an uncharacteristic fall storm complete with destructive thunderstorms. Finally, though, the heat has broken and the rain has passed and here we are!

So, do you want to see the cabin? Click on the photo link below, then, 'cause we're almost there! Also, stick around for the return hike as well. It's mostly downhill, which your mouse will love if it's a bit out of shape. We'll check out a couple of the early mines in the area, and you'll even get to see the first intact old medicine bottle that the Dzrtgrls have ever found!


Click here for photos.

Click here for photos of the Amboy light show.