Mines and Cabins in the Old Woman Mountains photos

cabinThe Old Womans are vast, remote, rocky, sandy and their perimeter is punctuated by wilderness boundary signs. This description makes them seem about as appealing as a porcupine. However, if you do some research and are willing to do some hiking, you'll be rewarded.

On this trip, the rewards came in the form of several old mines and their associated cabins. We'll be happy to show you these, but no place names or directions will be offered. Due to the length of the hikes and their remote nature we spent three days there and were happy to be joined by our good friend Mohave Blake, an accomplished historian, author and researcher who monitored our progress via radio as well as doing a bit of hiking himself.

If you're as thrilled as we are at finding these hidden links to a past filled with Herculean effort and indomitable spirit, then click on the photo link below to join us on our adventure in the Old Woman Mountains.


Click here for photos.