Mailbox Cabin to the White Cap Quarry photos

mailboxNow that it appears that the cold, wet winter months are at an end, it's time for an adventure! There's nothing that's more fun than hunting for lost cabins, so we've decided to try to find the mythical Mailbox Cabin. Of course that's not its real name. Since we believe that all good lost cabins should stay lost, we've changed it. We're joined on this trip by Howard Brown, a professional geologist with a list of credentials and experiences as long as an ocotillo branch. It was Howard who first brought the existence of this cabin to our attention and today we're rattling and swaying over some nasty seldom traveled tracks in search of a mailbox. That's right, somewhere along the lower slopes of a desert mountain range, right next to a creosote bush and close to a wash that leads back up into the hills, there's an old dilapidated mailbox. That mailbox is the key. Find it and you'll know that at the end of the dim track that winds upward is the ruin of a quirky quintessential desert cabin.

White Cap Quarry in Ludlow, CAIn addition to the cabin, we'll also find a nearby spring and an intriguing old mine. Then, as dusk approaches, we'll explore another nearby mine and catch a distant glimpse of the resident herd of bighorn sheep. Finally, it'll be off to our campsite at the White Cap Quarry. As lead geologist for the Omya mining company, Howard not only has access to the quarry, but will give us a spectacular tour tomorrow, complete with a hike into the back country that would give a bighorn sheep a case of vertigo! This is going to be a weekend that you won't want to miss!

Power up your off road mouse, return your recliner to the upright position and click on the photo links below. We're headin' for the hills!

Click here for photos from day 1.

Click here for photos from day 2.