DVNP: Nelson Range Petroglyph Site photos

bighorn petroglyphsTucked away in Death Valley's Nelson Range is a pretty spectacular petroglyph site. Archaeological journals state that it's the northernmost site to reflect the Coso petroglyph style. This jewel sprawls its way up a canyon that was apparently a native American migration route as well as a camping spot and water source. The sheer volume and diversity of rock art points to constant use over a very long period of time. Eventually, as Indian activity ceased with the passage of years, the canyon took on a different character. It became host to pack trains laden with supplies for isolated mining camps, miners themselves tramping their way to untold riches just over the next ridge, and cowboys running range cattle. These individuals also left their mark on the canyon walls in the form of some interesting historical inscriptions that date from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Obviously, this spot is going to be well worth a visit!

Bill Key inscriptionSince there are no longer any roads or trails that lead to this site, a cross country hike is necessary. It's a cold, windy morning so we're careful to add appropriate clothing and warm gloves to our packs. In addition to our usual camera gear we're also taking some collapsible reflectors because petroglyphs in canyons are often difficult to photograph due to deep shadows. With food and water on board we're ready to head out. How about joining us for the cyber version? If you're an archaeology buff, we think you'll like this trip. We're not giving any directions or hints regarding location, routes and so forth, so your best bet is to grab a warm jacket, call out for some delivery pizza and get to clicking with that mouse on the photo links below. This is going to be an all day affair so settle back in that chair and pace yourself!


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