DVNP: The Ulida Mine photos

Ulida MineIt was around 1875 when W. L. Hunter discovered the vivid greenish-blue ledges that would become the historic Ulida Mine. The Ulida promised vast wealth from its copper, gold and silver bearing ore. In reality, it didn't quite work out that way. Those mining gods are fickle and the Ulida eventually sank into obscurity. Today, it's best remembered as being the first discovery that opened up the Ubehebe Mining District to a whole passel of wild eyed prospectors. Old mines seem to pull us like magnets and we find that just thinking about our adventure to the Ulida Mine today sets our pulses pounding like the hoof beats of a herd of burros heading for a water hole.

Consequently, we're up early this morning in spite of the frigid temperatures. After our hike to the Nelson Range petroglyph site yesterday, we spent the night in a cabin that Dezdan had told us about. In fact, the plan was that Dan would rockrendezvous with us last night and then this morning we'd all head out to join up with Guy and Alysia and Micah and Annie before heading up to the Ulida Mine. Dan's cabin was a real life saver because as the sun set the temperatures became arctic. However, as the hours passed, we'd already sacrificed almost all of our wood to the tin stove that squatted in the center of the cabin floor and things were looking grim. Then, just as we had given up hope of seeing Dan, a flash of headlights in the valley below was enough to warrant a shout-out on the radio. Sure enough, it was Dan and he had a ton of wood! He dutifully slept next to the stove and fed it all night...well, except for when he fell asleep. This impressed us so much that we even forgave him for the silly electronic recreation of a loon, which he had aptly named "Loonie" and insisted on coaxing into constantly making its obnoxious loon call!

Anyway, it's morning now and we're grabbing a bite to eat as we load up the trucks. If you're going to join us for this trip, you'd better wander over and turn the thermostat up a notch, put the coffee pot on and grab a jacket because it's going to be a cold day! Just click on the photo link below when you're ready and we'll head out!


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