Petroglyphs at Cow Cove - Mojave National Preservephotos

Cow Cove petroglyphsOne of the nicest and most easily accessible petroglyph sites in the eastern Mojave Desert is at Cow Cove. Cow Cove is located in the Mojave National Preserve on the northeast fringes of the Aiken Cinder Cone field and is best accessed by a well maintained dirt road that starts near Valley Wells, just off Interstate 15. Detailed directions, maps, photos and commentary regarding this site abound on the internet. Since there's just nothing to compare with a day spent in the desert clambering over basalt boulders in search of enigmatic petroglyphs from the past, we've decided to head on out to Cow Cove and see what's there. If you'd like to join us on this virtual adventure, then lace up your boulder scrambling boots and scoot the recliner up to your monitor. We've goin' petroglyph huntin'! Just click on the photo link below to get underway.


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