Rock Art at the Black Tank Wash Site - Mojave National Preservephotos

Black Tank Wash ArchBlack Tank Wash, which runs in a southwesterly direction through the heart of the Aiken Cinder Cone field in the Mojave National Preserve, is not only scenic but also plays host to a very unique rock art site. This site is centered in and around a lofty span of basalt that forms a natural arch. Petroglyphs are found along the edge of the wash both above and below the arch and, under the protecting basalt slabs of the arch itself, there's a small panel of pictographs done in red ochre. This sounds pretty neat! If you'd like to see what this site has to offer without rolling your gas guzzling behemoth out on the highway and then huffing and puffing over hill and dale, why not join Dzrtgal Jamie as she spends the afternoon there? If that sounds like a plan, grab your sunglasses and a bag of chips and click on the photo link below to get started!


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