Return to the Eagles: An Old Friend and the "Ebony Raptor"photos

When we last visited the mine we referred to as the "Historic Mine of the Eagles," we were checking out its surface remains. This time, in the company of experienced tunnel rats, we will take a look below the surface. But we also have another objective. On our initial trip we spotted an old head frame in the distance, surrounded by an abandoned open pit mining operation. Today we'll check it out. We'll refer to this old mine as the "Ebony Raptor," which is obviously a pseudonym to protect it and us, because although on the hike to it we saw no "closed" or "no trespassing" signs, we did see one as we exited the area. We feel very strongly about respecting posted property and since we're still not certain about the status of this area it would probably be better if you took a virtual version of the trip with us than trying to go there yourself. You'll be glad you saw it. The "Ebony Raptor" is an old jewel slowly crumbling into obscurity in this remote and isolated location. So let's go! There are no fences in cyber space! Click on the photo link below and you'll be safe!


Click here for photos.