Opal Mountain Petroglyph Hunt photos

Opal MountainA long, long time ago the numerous dry lakes in the vicinity of Black Mountain and Opal Mountain were shimmering expanses of water where Native Americans established village sites and hunted in the surrounding marshes. Black Canyon, in fact, was a veritable freeway of a migration route from the Superior Lakes in the north to Harper Lake in the south. Researchers feel that this heavy use accounts for the astounding proliferation of petroglyphs in Black Canyon and the surrounding Black Mountain environs. In contrast, the area around Opal Mountain has far fewer sites. They are small and hard to find. These are our goal today.

It's a warm day with temperatures in the mid-nineties. We have several hikes planned to various general locations that seem promising. The problem is that we have no specific information so a great deal of hit and miss wandering will be in order. The terrain is typical high desert with basalt capped mesas and rolling low hills cut by washes. Opal Mountain, with its distinctive markings, will be a constant reference point that can be seen for miles. Hunting for stuff is fun, so why don't you come along with us for the day? You never know what will turn up! A click on the photo link below is all that's needed to get started.


Click here for photos.